Neechi Commons- Come For Lunch

neechi commons winnipegI’ve been eating lunch regularly at Neechi Commons at 865 Main Street. A number of schools I serve as a faculty advisor for the university are in the area.  neechi commons restaurantI’ve discovered it’s a great place to go for lunch. The commons is an Aboriginal owned and operated cooperative and contains not only a restaurantgrocery store neechi commons but also a grocery store where I often stop after my school visits to pick up items I need for supper .art store neechi commonsThere is also an art store called……..

nichee niche

Neechi Niche.waiter nichee commons winnipeg

The waiters are friendly, helpful and polite and the food at Niche Commons is always good. I especially enjoy the homemade soups.  beef barley soup neechi commonsLast week I had a delicious cream of cauliflower and yesterday’s special was a beef barley. The bannock is wonderful and so are the salads.  wild rice salad niche commonsYesterday I tried the wild rice salad.  The restaurant has a full menu with all kinds of burgers and breakfast items as well. 

Winding Staircase Leading to the Restaurant

Winding Staircase Leading to the Restaurant

Neechi means friend/sister/brother in Cree and Ojibwa.

Kitchen at Neechi Commons

Kitchen at Neechi Commons

Neechi Commons is the largest commercial employer of First Nations and Metis people. More than 50 people are employed by the store and the art shop represents the work of some 40 artists. 

The tables are decorated with stones and little pine logs

Tables are decorated with stones and little pine logs

If you’ve never been to Neechi Commons you should really drop in.  But if you come for lunch come early. The place is often packed. neechi commons

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Larry’s Party

larry verstraeteWinnipeg author Larry Verstraete launched his new book Life or Death on Sunday at McNally Robinson Booksellers.  This is Larry’s fourteenth book.

Read all about Larry and his launch party in my post on Vast Imaginations, a blog for children’s writers. 

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Lights, Camera, Action

filming one christmas eve in winnipegWe have breakfast every Saturday morning at the Free Press Cafe. This Saturday morning we found ourselves in the middle of a movie set.  filming one christmas eve in winnipegCrews were out turning Arthur Street into a Christmas wonderland, with blow up Santas, lights and even a mailbox for sending letters to the North Pole. film crew blows snow on treesWe watched as workers used hoses to spray some kind of white stuff all over the trees. This turned out to be unnecessary since just a few minutes later it actually began to snow for real in Winnipeg. IMG_0195We found out from the waitress at the cafe that the film being shot was a Hallmark Hall of Fame special called One Christmas Eve and that it starred Anne Heche. Apparently Heche plays a newly divorced Mom having some unexpected adventures on Christmas Eve. IMG_0199Later our friend Les dropped by to join us for breakfast. He sometimes works as an extra on movies being shot in Winnipeg and he told us a film crew has been in Winnipeg for a number of weeks already filming this movie. Les had been hired to work on the set the following night.IMG_0193I don’t know what the story line is about but fire fighters and fire engines, police cars and ambulances and stretchers were being put in place for filming so I’m thinking there must be some sort of accident scene. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when the movie is aired on television.  filming jack layton story in ashdown warehouseSeeing film crews in our neighborhood isn’t at all unusual since Winnipeg is a popular site for making movies. Our historic Exchange district can easily be turned into downtown Chicago, New York or San Francisco at the turn of the century or in the present. Having movies shot in our neighborhood is just one more thing that makes living in Winnipeg’s Exchange district interesting. 

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Finding the Best Wonton Mein in Winnipeg

won ton mein winnipeg Dave and I spent a long time looking for a place in Winnipeg that would serve wonton mein as good as the soup we found in so many restaurants in Hong Kong.  Wonton mein was our favorite supper during our six years in Hong Kong.  We’d stop in at a little street side restaurant in our village on our way home from work and have a bowl of the dumpling and noodle soup. It filled you right up. A complete meal in a bowl.  After about a year of searching in Winnipeg we discovered an excellent wonton mien at a restaurant called Noodle Express at 107-180 King Street.noodle express king street winnipeg

On Monday we walked on over before the Winnipeg Jets game to have a hot bowl of soup. winnipeg china town in the snowThe restaurant is just behind the Winnipeg Chinese Cultural Centre and yes those are flakes of snow in the photo. It was snowing hard on our way over to the restaurant. 
choosing chinese foodYou choose what you like off the menu and write down your order.
noodle express winnipegThe staff at the restaurant is efficient and no-nonsense.noodle express winnipegThe decor is plain and utilitarian. eating won ton mienThe soup however is anything but ordinary.eating won ton mein A visit to Noodle Express always brings back wonderful memories of warm evenings in Hong Kong and is the perfect antidote to a wintry Winnipeg night. decor noodle expressWe’re glad we’ve discovered a place right here in Winnipeg with wonton mein almost as good as what we ate in Hong Kong.

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My First and Last Jets Game of the Season

mts centre winnipegMy husband and I watched the Winnipeg Jets play the Minnesota Wild in their second last home game of the season. Read all about it on my What Next blog. 

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Kim’s Convenience

kim's convenience posterI laughed. I cried. I know that’s a cliché but it’s what happened yesterday when we attended the play Kim’s Convenience at the Manitoba Theatre Centre. Kim is a Korean teacher who immigrated to Canada as a young married man to make a better life for his family. He buys a convenience store in a Toronto neighbourhood and spends his life behind the counter.

kim's convenienceBut Kim knows the store is not what his life is all about. “This store is not my story,” he says to his children. “You are my story.” That was one of the lines that brought tears to my eyes.

Mr. Kim and His Daughter- Photo Winnipeg Free Press

Mr. Kim and His Daughter- Photo Winnipeg Free Press

Kim’s children’s stories have not turned out as he hoped. His son ends up in trouble with the law, has a fight with his father, and runs away from home with all the money from the store safe. Now married with a son of his own and working at a dead-end job in the car rental business he has maintained his relationship with his mother but he and his Dad are estranged. Kim’s daughter is 30, a professional photographer who can’t afford to live on her own and isn’t married.

One morning a real estate developer offers Kim a bundle for his convenience store. Should he sell it and retire or is there still a chance one of his children will want the business? As the family goes through the day we are treated to a window on their lives.

The Kim Family

The Kim Family

I think the reason the audience laughs so often, and becomes so engaged with the play is because as they observe the family’s interactions they see their own family.  Whether they are of Korean, Polish, Ukrainian, Jewish or Mennonite origin they recognize characteristics of their own families in the Kims. They see their own grandfathers and fathers in Mr. Kim’s old-fashioned ways and pride in the ‘old country.’ They see their own kids in the Kim children who are having trouble deciding what they want in life and their mothers and grandmothers in Mrs. Kim’s steadfast love and loyalty to her family.

The play is only on for a few more days. Go and see it. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry.

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St. Vital Couple Changing Lives in Jamaica

Mildred Beach with her students at the Runaway Bay Resource Centre in Jamaica

Mildred Beach with her students at the Runaway Bay Resource Centre in Jamaica

My husband and I just spent a month in Jamaica working with a couple from St. Vital who have started an after school program for children from ghetto neighborhoods in Runaway Bay.  Mildred and Tony Beach spend six months of the year in Winnipeg where Tony works as an engineer and the other six months in Jamaica managing and teaching at the resource centre they founded. You can read all about it on my blog What Next in the posts below. 

The Remarkable Story of the Runaway Bay Resource Centre

A Day in the Life of the Runaway Bay Resource Centre

Tony Beach listening to a student read at the Runaway Bay Resource Centre

Tony Beach listening to a student read at the Runaway Bay Resource Centre

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Eat Like You Give A Damn

My cousin Kirsten was gracious enough to let me interview her and write an article for the latest issue of Rhubarb magazine about the important work she does at the University of Winnipeg. The magazine has chosen to feature the story on its webpage so you can read it HERE. 

The online version of the magazine doesn’t include any of the photos I took so I’m including several here.

Kirsten with the Eat Like You Give A Damn campaign sign on University of Winnipeg cafeteria window

Kirsten with the Eat Like You Give A Damn campaign sign on University of Winnipeg cafeteria window

Paw Moo makes soups, sauces and dressings in the  Diversity Foods kitchen

Paw Moo makes soups, sauces and dressings in the Diversity Foods kitchen


Kirsten and Samy a business student from Haiti who works for Diversity Foods

Kirsten and Samy a business student from Haiti who works for Diversity Foods



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Rebels With A Cause- WAG Connections

At the Asheville Art Museum in North Carolina I found connections with our own Winnipeg Art Gallery that intrigued me.  I’ve written about them on my blog What Next.

Farmer's Daughter by Prudence Heward Winnipeg Art Gallery

Farmer’s Daughter by Prudence Heward- Winnipeg Art Gallery

Another Young Friend by Agnes Millen Richmond- Asheville Art Museum

Another Young Friend by Agnes Millen Richmond- Asheville Art Museum

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The Royal Albert Hotel on Christmas Day

royal albert hotel iciclesOn Christmas Day in the morning our family went on a walk. The Royal Albert Hotel just begged to have its picture taken. Built in 1913 it was once a respectable hotel for business people visiting Winnipeg. The original owners were Angelo Ferrari and Patrick Grogan. When the Royal Albert was built it had 54 rooms, a buffet restaurant, a coffee shop and cigar shop.

Ad in the Winnipeg Free Press November 1, 1913

Ad in the Winnipeg Free Press November 1, 1913

Royal Albert Hotel Diningroom

Royal Albert Hotel Diningroom

A downturn in the economy and the outbreak of World War I forced the owners to turn the hotel into a rooming house.

October 1916 ad for rooms at the Royal Albert

October 1916 ad for rooms at the Royal Albert

icicles on the royal albert hotelThe ice had made an intriguing trim on the roof of the sun porch on Christmas Day. The building has had an equally intriguing history. During the Winnipeg General strike in 1919 it housed a Labour Cafe where striking women could go for a free meal. In 1920 its manager was arrested for running a bawdy house. When prohibition ended in 1921 it housed a dance hall and bar. In 1930 the building was taken over by a brewery. In 1961 it was purchased by Gordon Hotels and renovated. They sold it in 1969 and in the 70′s it became a home for hippies, prostitutes, musicians and actors. During the 1980′s the hotel bar nurtured the music careers of legions of young Winnipeg bands and in the 1990′s hosted such bands as Nickelback and Green Day. royal albert hotel on christmas day
In the last year the hotel has been front and centre in the news because it was owned in part by a suspected crime figure who died suddenly. It was shut down because of a water main break and in November a man who appeared to be living in the hotel fell to his death from one of the windows even though the owner Daren Jorgenson said no one should be living there. According to a Winnipeg Free Press article, the building will be auctioned off in January of 2014.

For a detailed history check Winnipeg Downtown Places. 

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