Loving the New Bike Lane

bike lane on sherbrook in winnipegLast week I was biking down Sherbrook Street and discovered the brand new bike lane. It’s great! Cyclists are completely separated from traffic and don’t have to wend their away around parked cars. I read that cycling lobbyists have been pushing for construction of this bike lane since 2010.  My hat is off to them. I feel completely safe cycling down Sherbrook now. bike lane on sherbrook street in winnipeg I did read some negative comments from motorists who feel the bike lane is causing traffic to pile up on Sherbrook. Since apparently in summer up to 2,500 people a day bike down Sherbrook, perhaps some of the motorists want to leave their cars at home and join the bikers if they don’t like getting caught in traffic. I have empathy for those who may be scared to cycle in the city. That was me when we first moved to Winnipeg. But I’ve discovered there are safe routes to take, most drivers are courteous and kind to bikers, and biking has been such a great way to see the city and learn to navigate my way around it.  bike lane on sherbrook in winnipegApparently Sherbrook is the first parking protected bike lane in Winnipeg. Hopefully there are many more to come. 

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The Canadian Human Rights Museum- A Work Still in Progress

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October 25, 2011

October 25, 2011

The new Canadian Human Rights Museum is just a few blocks from my home. I was going through old photos and realized that after we moved to Winnipeg in 2011, I had taken pictures of the Human Rights Museum a number of times as it was being built. It was interesting to see the progress. 

June 21, 2012

June 21, 2012

I have yet to visit the museum, since I would like to wait till the exhibits are all complete, something they are predicting for mid November. Plenty of controversy has surrounded the building of the museum and continues to do so with the recent announcement the chief executive officer of the museum has been asked to leave.  It appears the musuem is still a work in progress.

July 3, 2014

July 3, 2014

There is no question however that the building which houses the musuem is a piece of…

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Ten Things I’ll Remember About the Ballet Going Home Star

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1. The sound of the rain stick accompanying the orchestra.

2. The huge arching whale bones that were part of the set.

3. The fact that Asian dancers were cast in aboriginal roles.

4. The glowing turtle shell.

5. The hymns I recognized in the music score.

6. The priests’ sinister costumes.

Photo Winnipeg Free Press

Photo Winnipeg Free Press

7. The way the stars twinkled through the birch bark trees.

8. The voice overs that described how the first immigrants to Canada would never have survived without their First Nations neighbors. 

9. The way Gordon, the main character, had a model of a residential school on his back, and it kept weighing him down to the floor, and Annie, the woman trying to help him, kept lifting the school off his back, but each time it pushed him back down.

10. The cast and…

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The Best of Fall – Of Geese and Other Creatures

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human rights museumLast week I spent a lovely fall afternoon with friends, chez sophiefirst at the restaurant Chez Sophie on the Provencher Bridgeat chez sophie having lunchT- 4's and checking out the river view dock fort whyteand then on a sun dappled stroll through Fort Whyte.  The current chilly temperatures make it hard to believe that it was so warm just a week ago. Canada geeseThe Canada geese had pretty much taken over Fort Whytecanada geeseThey were everywhere.
burrowing owlThe burrowing owls were fascinating to watch.burrowing owls fort whyteSo sad to realize they are on the brink of extinction on the Canadian prairies.prairie dogsThe prairie dogs entertained us for a long time with their antics.prairie dogsThey are such social animals and it’s fun to watch them interact with one another teasing and playing and fighting. prairie grasses fort whyte manitobaFort Whyte is the perfect place to connect with nature and enjoy the best of autumn. 

fall day fort whyteI’m glad I got to spend one of the last nice…

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Winnipeg and Mennonites in Gone Girl Movie

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Gone-Girl-2014-film-posterThere weren’t too many surprises for me in the movie Gone Girl which we saw on Friday night.   I had read the book so I knew what was coming plot wise.  There were however two surprising lines of dialogue that caught my attention.  

Rosamund Pike plays Amy Dunne in Gone Girl

Rosamund Pike plays Amy Dunne in Gone Girl

The first was the mention of Winnipeg.  The movie’s heroine Amy played by Rosamund Pike gets in trouble and calls a former boyfriend Desi played by Neil Patrick Harris to come and rescue her.  They rendezvous at a casino.  A man bumps into Desi and Amy at the casino bar and says he is sure he recognizes Amy.

Neal Patrick Harris plays Amy Dunne's old boyfriend Desi Collings

Neal Patrick Harris plays Amy Dunne’s old boyfriend Desi Collings

 It is important that Amy remain incognito so Desi tries to throw the man off by lying and assuring the fellow there is no way he can…

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Up on Our Roof Top

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roof top ash downOur condo,the Ashdown Warehouse added a brand new roof top patio this summer. We’ve been using it quite a bit, taking guests up there before dinner for drinks and after dinner for dessert. rooftop patio ashdown warehouseMy sister-in-law in Ontario asked why I hadn’t put some photos of our roof top patio on my blog. She was anxious to see it. fran and marge rooftopLast weekend the weather was much nicer than it is today.Our friends Fran and Marge were over and we not only had appetizers, but our dinner up on the roof top. I took my camera along and got some photos. view from ash down warehouse roofIt was a beautiful fall evening. We have some great views from our roof top. seating area ashdown warehouse roofThere are a half a dozen little meeting and sitting areas that afford different groups privacy.roof top ashdown warehouse The furniture is unique and attractive. view from ash down warehouse roof topReal estate agents tell us the roof top area has added value to all our…

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Discovering Dali- Twirl That Mustache


Excited to be giving my first Dali tour at the Winnipeg Art Gallery today.

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dali winnipeg art galleryA British poll conducted in 2010 revealed that Salvador Dali had the most famous mustache in history.  Salvador_Dali_Flower_MoustacheI think the kids who tour the Dali exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and see the Philippe Halsman photos of Dali’s intriguing moustache are going to love the way each one is so different. Diego_Velázquez_Autorretrato_45_x_38_cm_-_Colección_Real_Academia_de_Bellas_Artes_de_San_Carlos_-_Museo_de_Bellas_Artes_de_ValenciaDali said as an artist he was inspired by the Spanish painter Diego Velazquez so perhaps Dali was copying Velazquez’s  moustache when he grew his own.Marcel_Proust_1900-2

Appearing on a television show Dali said he used the same kind of wax to keep his moustache slick and shiny as the French writer Marcel Proust did. dali as a clockSomeone once asked Dali if his moustache was a joke. He said, “It’s the most serious part of my personality.” 

I’m thinking it would be fun to give the children touring the Dali exhibit pipe…

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Discovering Dali- Hidden Pictures

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Kids love looking for hidden pictures. That’s why Where’s Waldo books are still popular and the best-selling children’s magazine Highlights continues to have a hidden pictures page in every issue. Salvador Dali liked hidden images too and he’s tucked them into his work in ways that are going to intrigue the children who visit the upcoming Salvador Dali exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Will they find………Equestrian Fantasy Lady Dunn

the little rabbit and other animals that are in the background in Dali’s Equestrian Fantasy: Lady DunnTheHolyFamily the oxen in Dali’s Hallmark Christmas card illustration of The Holy Family

1035_PlayingCards_QueenofDiamonds_the numbers 8 and 4 used to make the features on the face of Dali’s Queen of Diamonds

Santiago El Grande

Santiago El Grande

the angel on the neck of the horse in Santiago El Grandehouse without windows or the rock shaped like a piano lid propped up with a crutch in Dali’s House Without Windows? 

I’ve given nearly…

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Why I’m Looking Forward to October 1

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andre lewis director royal winnipeg ballet“I have two children and I can’t imagine having them taken away from me like that.” Royal Winnipeg Ballet artistic director Andre Lewis is talking about how First Nations children were sent to residential schools across Canada. That experience is the focus of the ballet company’s new work  Going Home Star. going home star royal winnipeg balletThe work was inspired by local aboriginal activist and politician Mary Richard who passed away in 2010. According to Lewis it brings together not only the aboriginal and non-aboriginal community in our country but a group of incredibly talented Canadians.  I have tickets for opening night.  I went to hear Andre Lewis give a talk about Going Home Star at the Millenium Library last week and here’s five reasons I’m really excited about the performance

tina keeper1. I was a North of 60 fan and its star Tina Keeper is one of the producers of Going Home Star.

orenda2. I…

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Discovering Dali- I’m Scared

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Salvador Dali is coming to the Winnipeg Art Gallery! September 27 marks the debut of two exhibits that will feature some of his major works.  I think the famous Spanish artist will hold unique appeal for the children I take on tours of the gallery.

dali winnipeg art galleryDali was very open about including the things that scared him in his work. I think children will identify with that.  Dali was petrified of ants. As a small child he had a pet bat and one day he discovered its dead body covered in ants. He also saw a number of dead birds and a dead lizard being eaten by ants. He never forgot those experiences. One way he confronted his fear of ants was to include them in his paintings.  salvador dali ace of diamondsDali’s Ace of Diamonds will be in the upcoming exhibition at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  In Dali’s surreal rendition of the playing…

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