White Noise- Movie Premiere

Saturday night we went to the premiere of a new movie about the Winnipeg Jets called White Noise.  The movie directed by Randy Frykas was being shown on a 35 foot screen at the corner of Portage Avenue and Main Street. They were handing out huge foam mitts to advertise the film and Dave put one on to pose for this picture.  The movie premiere was outdoors and it was chilly so we had to dress warmly for the event. 

We had a special interest in the movie because our son Bucky composed the score for the sound track with Matt Schellenberg his partner in the musical group The Liptonians. Some songs from their second album Lets All March Back Into the Sea were also featured. Here Bucky greets Tyler Funk the director of photography for the movie. 

The film isn’t so much a history of the Winnipeg Jets but rather focuses on the relationship between the people of Winnipeg and the team before, during and after the franchise’s move to Phoenix in 1996. It also documents the response of Winnipeggers to the announcement that their city would be the home of an NHL team for the 2011-2012 hockey season. The name of the movie comes from the fact that when the old Winnipeg Jets were in the play offs, the fans virtually all wore white shirts to games, and the Winnipeg arena would be a sea of white noisy fans. 
The movie features interviews with former Jets players, local sports reporters, broadcasters and die-hard fans like Darren Ford who maintained a website devoted to getting the Jets back in Winnipeg for 15 years. The movie also featured a Winnipeg man whose entire basement is filled with Jets’ memorabilia and Dancing Gabe, pictured in the screen shot above. Dancing Gabe is a regular at all Winnipeg sporting events, acting as an enthusiastic cheerleader for the audience.

Dancing Gabe was at the premiere on Saturday night and went up on stage at the end of the 45 minute movie to be acknowledged. 

We went early to get front row seats for the premiere. Bucky’s fiancée Alisa and her brother Jonathan were with us as well. There was a good-sized crowd out for the movie debut.  We were very proud of Bucky.  He and his band put lots of time and hard work into creating and performing the film’s music. You can view a trailer for the movie or watch it for free on Winnipeg’s MTS Video on Demand. 

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3 thoughts on “White Noise- Movie Premiere

  1. Geoff Brookes

    Can I somehow purchase a copy of the movie? I would like to own a copy for myself, and I would like to give a copy to a friend for Christmas.

    I know it is on MTS Video on Demand, but it won’t be there forever, and I would like to purchase a copy to keep! Please respond!

  2. Geoff Brookes

    I would like to purchase a copy. Can I do that?

    I know it is on MTS video on demand, but it won’t be there forever.

    Please respond to gbrookes@popebrookes.ca, thanks.

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