Up On the Rooftop

With the weather turning colder it won’t be so easy to visit my favorite place at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. I love the rooftop garden with its tranquil pool, great views, leafy greenery and  interesting art pieces. The garden is the setting for weddings, concerts and all kinds of events. A dozen sculptures grace the space; but these three take top spot in my affections. 

My friend Rebekah contemplates the sculpture Inukshuk.  The Inuit word inukshuk means ‘resembles a human’ or ‘in place of a human’ and describes a rock piece that looks something like a person. 

Created by artist Manasie Akpaliapik this piece is patterned after traditional inukshuks built to mark a good hunting spot, campsite, trail, burial site or food cache. The Canadian territory of Nunavut has an inukshuk on its flag.  When I’m touring the art gallery with children we try to stand with our bodies looking like the Inukshuk and then I bring out different shaped wooden blocks so the kids can try building inukshuks of their own. Paradise Coyote by John McEwen is popular on tours because it is a sculpture you can walk inside.

The steel base is perforated with hundreds of stars of different shapes and sizes and the word Paradise.  It  can only be read correctly if you are actually inside the sculpture’s base. 

The  figure in The Poet by Ossip Zadkine is holding a musical instrument which I think is very  appropriate since all songwriters are poets too. 

There are nine other sculptures on the roof top and the area is well worth including on a visit to the WAG at least on fair weather days. 

When my talented friend Rebekah was here in August she took this photo of me and a rear view of The Poet. Notice how she cleverly captured the roof top garden reflected in the art gallery windows behind me? 

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