Have You Lost Your Marbles?

I’ve been admiring the huge marbles installed on Portage Avenue for several months now and the other day I finally decided to take time to photograph some of them. The twenty marble sculptures were installed on July 31.  As this photo illustrates they come in two different sizes. 

The marbles which are made of fibre glass and covered in automotive paint are in many different places along Portage Avenue. Some are in the median between the lanes of traffic, others are in parks and flower beds and some are on street corners.

Artist Erica Swendrowski said she wanted her installation to show how everyday objects can make life extraordinary. Some of the marbles have living plants in them, although now in fall they don’t look nearly as lovely as they did in summer.

The larger than life marbles which the artist hopes will become conversation pieces are slated to remain on Portage Avenue for at least three years, but perhaps for as long as five years. They come in a whole variety of colors and have many different designs. 

I like the way different views of the city skyline are reflected in many of the marbles.

The artist Swendrowski said in a Winnipeg Free Press article that her goal for the project was to create something that would bring a smile to everyone’s face and be fun for people of all ages. I think she’s accomplished that goal.
What do you think of the Marbles on Portage?

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One thought on “Have You Lost Your Marbles?

  1. beibei lu

    Hi, I’m the photo editor of the Manitoban, the official newspaper of the University of Manitoba. I would like to ask you for some of the pics of Marbles on Portage Ave in winnipeg for an article of next issue.
    Please reply me if you feel Ok with this!Thanks!

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