Fringe Festival – Second and Third Play

till death do us part tara travis winnipeg fringe festivalWhat would happen if Henry VIII’s wives all met in heaven and St. Peter told them they needed to decide amongst themselves which one gets to spend eternity with the famous monarch and husband they all shared? Although there are seven characters in the show Till Death Do We Part– the six wives and the great Henry himself- there is only one actress, the remarkable Tara Travis who plays all the roles. Each wife, Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boylen, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Jane Seymour and Catherine Parr have their own accent, body language and personality and Travis slips effortlessly from one character to another sometimes in an instant, while having conversations, participating in arguments and telling stories. It was always easy to know which of the seven characters she had become. You learn plenty of British history from the play but it’s never boring. The answer to the question of who spends eternity in royal heaven with Henry is answered in an unexpected but satisfying way. The show is at the University of Winnipeg’s Asper Theatre .Crumbs winnipeg fringe festival

I’ve seen the CRUMBS improv team perform before and they can be very funny, but last night was not one of their best nights.  I felt they were struggling to find humour while creating a drama based on what was a very funny suggestion from the audience. A woman told a story about how her parents met while hitchhiking in Scotland. Her Dad picked her Mom up. They were both teachers, he American and she Canadian. They married and raised five kids, three of them a set of triplets. There was lots of potential there but the story veered off into a tale about murdering Scottish sheep and two detectives chasing the American teacher for some unknown crime. The intermittent thunder from the storm outside could have been fodder for some great jokes but again things didn’t click. I guess improv teams all have less than stellar nights. I’m sure tomorrow’s show could be hilarious and I’d go back just in case it was, because I know from the past these guys are talented and can definitely make you laugh. They are playing at the Kings Head Pub. 

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