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On a Carousel

carousel by BGL Cool Beach WinnipegYes. That’s my husband Dave riding on a carousel whose seat is made from an old shopping cart.  It’s actually a piece of cutting edge public art that’s part of the Cool Gardens installation being featured in  Winnipeg this summer. 

north face exchange district richardson buildingOne Saturday morning our friends Fran and Marge drove into the city to have breakfast with us. Before we tucked into our omelets at the Free Press Cafe we decided we needed some exercise so we went for a ninety minute walk to check out all the great public art in our neighborhood. 

carousel by BGL St. Boniface GardenAt the St. Boniface Sculpture Garden which I’ve visited often in the past, I noticed there were several new pieces of art including Carousel made from recycled crowd barriers, metal fences and grocery carts attached to an old light post. riding the carousel st. boniface sculpture garden cool gardens

The guys hopped right on to try out the interactive piece of art and pushed themselves around the carousel. Because we were on a long walk Dave still brought his cane but he didn’t need it on the carousel. carousel metal sculpture

The sculpture was designed by Jasmin Bilodeau, Sebastian Giguere and Nicolas Laverdiere known collectively as BGL from Quebec City.  Apparently at times acrobats perform in and around the carousel as an interactive feature of the art piece. 

One of the reasons I love living in this area of the city is that there is always some new public art work to see. 

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I Was On the Radio

marylou with north faceYesterday I was on the CBC morning show doing an interview about why I feel safe living in the Exchange District of Winnipeg. You can listen to the interview here. 

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Victoria Beach- A Checkered Past

victoria beach signI visited Victoria Beach for the first time this summer.  I knew it had been a popular summer cottage site for thousands of Winnipeg residents since the turn of the century, but during my visit and after doing some subsequent research, I discovered lots more.victoria beach pierEven though I’ve lived in Manitoba almost all my life I’d never been to this Lake Winnipeg peninsula at the end of Highway 59. In winter its home to some 450 people but in summer more than 16,000 cottagers and tourists live there. walking at victoria beachYou can’t drive your car into Victoria Beach. You have to walk, bike or take a beach taxi. cottage at victoria beach

The first summer visitors began coming in the early 1900s and arrived on a boat called Pilgrim. Once the railroad line was completed and trains started running to Victoria Beach in 1916 the population expanded. club house victoria beach manitoba

A community club was organized in 1921 and in 1925 this clubhouse was built which is still being used today. As a member of the club, you can take part in all kinds of community-organized events, golf tournaments on the course built in 1923, tennis competitions on the courts that have been happening since 1924, regattas and races. The clubhouse was the site for weekend dances, socials and movie nights. victoria beach library

VIctoria Beach even has its own library and grocery store. 

The Victoria Beach Herald newspaper has been publishing every summer for the last 83 years.  In 1943 it became the centre of a controversy when a Jewish family bought a cottage at Victoria Beach. The paper published an editorial which said………”You have an obligation to your neighbours at Victoria Beach to see to it that these unwanted people…….are not permitted to buy or rent here.”  A counter editorial in the Winnipeg Free Press criticized the antisemitism being practised at Victoria Beach calling it “sanctimonious and  cowardly.”

The Victoria Beach paper is available online now on the Victoria Beach website. moonlight inn victoria beachThe Moonlight Inn is famous for its ice-cream and that’s what we decided to order when we visited the spot about halfway through our walk around Victoria Beach. We did briefly consider the daily special below but we’d had a late breakfast and it seemed a bit too hearty. daily special moonlight inn victoria beach

einfeld's bakery victoria beach

Perhaps the most popular business at Victoria Beach is Einfeld’s Bakery which opened in the 1930s and is still being run by the same family. In a column in the Winnipeg Free Press, Margo Goodhand writes about her childhood memories of buying delicious baking there. pier at victoria beach

We walked down to the pier where swimmers might have populated the water on a nicer day, but it was cold and windy. parasailing victoria beach

The para sailors were having a great time though. victoria beach windy day

Victoria Beach is a beautiful and historic place and has been a popular summer destination for thousands of Winnipeg residents for over a century. I’m glad I finally got to see it. 

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I’ve Put Winnipeg On the Map

OM-mag.aiOrion Magazine has a feature where people can submit photos and a story about what is special about the place where they live. I submitted a story to them about Winnipeg and they’ve published it online now. You can read it on the Orion Magazine website. 

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