On a Carousel

carousel by BGL Cool Beach WinnipegYes. That’s my husband Dave riding on a carousel whose seat is made from an old shopping cart.  It’s actually a piece of cutting edge public art that’s part of the Cool Gardens installation being featured in  Winnipeg this summer. 

north face exchange district richardson buildingOne Saturday morning our friends Fran and Marge drove into the city to have breakfast with us. Before we tucked into our omelets at the Free Press Cafe we decided we needed some exercise so we went for a ninety minute walk to check out all the great public art in our neighborhood. 

carousel by BGL St. Boniface GardenAt the St. Boniface Sculpture Garden which I’ve visited often in the past, I noticed there were several new pieces of art including Carousel made from recycled crowd barriers, metal fences and grocery carts attached to an old light post. riding the carousel st. boniface sculpture garden cool gardens

The guys hopped right on to try out the interactive piece of art and pushed themselves around the carousel. Because we were on a long walk Dave still brought his cane but he didn’t need it on the carousel. carousel metal sculpture

The sculpture was designed by Jasmin Bilodeau, Sebastian Giguere and Nicolas Laverdiere known collectively as BGL from Quebec City.  Apparently at times acrobats perform in and around the carousel as an interactive feature of the art piece. 

One of the reasons I love living in this area of the city is that there is always some new public art work to see. 

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