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A Literary Walk

winnipeg westwood library walkKeats Way? Browning Boulevard? Shakespeare Bay?  Who knew streets in Winnipeg had such literary names? I found out on September 27th when my sister and I joined a group of about twenty other people to walk the streets of west end Winnipeg and listen to some great literature performed by a talented woman named Tauni. westwood literary walk library winnipeg

It was a beautiful autumn day. At each of our stops on the literary walk a member of the library staff introduced us to the author or poet being featured………..tauni peforms literary walk winnipeg

And then Tauni read work by that writer in her dramatic and interesting voice.keats way westwood winnipeg

At our Keats Way stop we heard A Thing Of Beauty is A Joy Forever and learned about Keats’ sad love affair with Fanny Brice. More than a few eyes were teary after that performance. twain drive

At Twain Drive we were treated to Mark Twain’s funny and thought-provoking fable of the learned cat and the mirror. dickens drive winnipeg

We walked over next to Dickens Drive……

tauni literary walk westwood library winnipegwhere we heard a humorous excerpt from Chapter 8 of Pickwick Papers titled STRONGLY ILLUSTRATIVE OF THE POSITION, THAT THE COURSE OF TRUE LOVE IS NOT A RAILWAY

shakespeare bay westwood wiinnipeg Tauni outdid herself at Shakespeare Bay acting out a scene from A Mid Summer Night’s Dream tauni performs mid summer nights dream and taking on the roles of all four of the lovers.browning boulevard winnipeg

Tauni told us at Browning Boulevard she had planned to read How Do I Love Thee but it just made her too emotional so she had to settle for Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s  Sonnet 14  If Thou Must Love Me. 

We moved on to  Frost Avenue where Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken was the perfect poem for a walking tour. 

Leacock Avenue winnipegWe ended the tour laughing at Leacock Avenue where the murder mystery Hanged By A Hair had us all chuckling. 

poetry  reading westwoodI  enjoyed the literary tour. It was a lovely day. I got to visit with my sister. I had a chance to listen to some great poetry and literature read professionally. I had some exercise as we walked from place to place. 

westwood_library_01Later they served us tea and dainties back at the library and talked about another tour in spring. As I drove home I saw Sandburg Bay, Wordsworth Way, Shelley Street, Thackery Avenue, Robert Service Bay, Caryle Bay and Carroll Road. Plenty of literary material in the neighborhood for another walk. 

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