The Winnipeg Coffee Quest- Candidate #1

My husband Dave says we are going to have a coffee adventure in the next while.  He wants to visit all five coffee shops that were nominated for the best coffee in Winnipeg by the CBC.

cafe postal logoOur first stop was Friday morning at Cafe Postal on Provencher in St. Boniface.  I admit I was favorably swayed the minute I walked in the door and I heard the album playing on the speakers.  It was Today We’re Believers by Royal Canoe, my favorite Winnipeg band.

cafe postal by evan bergenPostal is small, just a half-dozen stools at a wooden bar that looks out at street level. The baristas were very friendly and from the way they chatted with their customers it was clear many are regulars and the baristas know them well. 

The Americano coffees we ordered were hot and flavorful. We shared a  saskatoon-oatmeal muffin which was so large it was plenty for two. The baking comes from The Tall Grass Prairie.   I overheard the one female barista comment that she was off to a barista competition in Vancouver. Impressive!

coffee at cafe postal by evan bergenMy husband who has worked on a coffee plantation in Laos is always curious where coffee comes from. The barista said they get their coffee from Toronto. According to an excellent article about Cafe Postal in the magazine The Rooster the owners chose the coffee supplier they did because ” amongst the 20 some roasters that we tried, they had a distinct chocolate caramel taste that was unique to Winnipeg and reflective of the French culture.”

I liked the Cafe Postal. The atmosphere was friendly, the coffee good and it’s close to our home. I’ll be going back. 

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