The Winnipeg Coffee Quest- Candidate #2

thom bargan coffee shopThom Bargen was the second of our visits in the quest for Winnipeg’s best cup of coffee. Located on Sherbrook this place couldn’t be more different than Cafe Postal the site of our first visit. interior thom bargensThe decor is minimilist and the space expansive. The shop is named after its two owners Thom Jon Hiebert and Graham Bargen. Straw bales under the front window and Hudson Bay blankets draped over outdoor chairs made it possible to have your coffee outside even though it was a freezing cold day. 

bike racks thom bargenThere were bike racks, something Cafe Postal didn’t have which we appreciated. We opted to sit inside since we were pretty much frozen after our bike ride. Bikes seem to be a bit of a theme at Thom Bargen.

i had this idea while riding my bike

A sign on the outside window said, I HAD THIS IDEA WHILE RIDING MY BIKEbike on the wall

A bike hanging up near the ceiling on a blank white wall is part of the decor.

coffee thom bargens

Perhaps because we were pretty much chilled through and through from our bike ride, the coffee just didn’t seem as piping hot as I would have liked it or as flavorful as the Americanos we’d ordered at Cafe Postal.blueberry cinammon bun

But in the baking department Thom Bargen was the clear winner. This wild blueberry cinnamon bun from Jonnies Sticky Buns was soooooo good. 

thom bargens

Frankly the place was a little too modern and bare for me. I preferred the cozy homey feel at Cafe Postal, but know that’s just a personal preference. Look how the menus are written on rolls of brown butcher paper behind the counter.thom bargen windowIn keeping with the clean look there were no newspapers cluttering the counter available for customer reading at Thom Bargen. This was something I appreciated as a treat at Cafe Postal since we don’t get the daily paper. 

thom bargens windowJust like at Cafe Postal you can enjoy your coffee in front of a street side window. The counter at Thom Bargen is made of a polished hewn log with the bark intact. Very cool!thom bargens counter

I’d go back to Thom Bargen. I’d like to try some other kinds of their coffees and pastries and I’d like to find out what is the meaning and/or significance of their interesting logo. thom bargen logo

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One thought on “The Winnipeg Coffee Quest- Candidate #2

  1. My husband agrees with your assessment that the TB Coffee is not as hot nor as flavourful as at Cafe Postal. He and his brother post restaurant reviews on their blog : Food Philter

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