Winnipeg Coffee Quest- Candidate #5

cafe d'amoure winnipegCafe D’Amour on Osborne was our fifth visit in our quest for Winnipeg’s best cup of coffee. cafe d amourThis coffee shop is very different from the others we tried which were quite sparsely decorated, modern and sleek. Cafe D’ Amour is cozy and cluttered and caters to quite a different crowd if our fellow patrons were any indication. More our age and gathered round the coffee bar to talk sports and medical issues. 

cafe d amourThere are lots of comfy chairs

cafe d amour and several copies of all the Winnipeg cup cafe d amourThe medium Americano coffee cup was quite a bit bigger than the large coffee cups in some of the other shops and the coffee was hot and flavourful. 

bagel and cream cheeseThe pastries come from good old Gunn’s Bakery (I’ve written a post about Gunn’s here)  on Selkirk Avenue and we shared a fresh and tasty bagel served both with cream cheese and a container of strawberry jam. cafe d amourThere are shelves crammed with novels, magazines, games and movie DVD’s, crossword and sudoko puzzle books, potato chips for sale, some glassware, plants,coffee making supplies and bags of coffee and yes admittedly some dust too. Clearly it had been awhile since the shelves had been wiped. 

pins cafe d amourThey sell these rather kitchy buttons. All kinds of designs. They are 3 for $5.

cafe d amourUnlike some of the other shops we visited that purposely didn’t have Wi-Fi this one advertises it’s internet connection boldly on the front door. cafe d amour winnipegThere are several little nooks where you can settle down to visit, read or work on your computer. art at cafe dam ourThe walls are full of posters and artwork. They were featuring pieces by a Winnipeg artist Samantha Atkinson the day we were there. cafe d amourThere isn’t a long counter in front of the window for people watching as at most of the other places we visited but this table for two could serve the same cafe d amourI’d like to go back for lunch to try some of the home made soups and paninis on the menu d amourI loved the atmosphere of this place and think if it was closer to home we’d be regulars for morning coffees and hanging out. It is definitely a place I could go to write and read and feel at d amourWe’ll  have to keep it in mind as a destination for our bike rides when the snow leaves Winnipeg. 

We’ve visited all five coffee shops on the CBC list of the best coffee shops in Winnipeg. We will take a hiatus now for Christmas and our annual stay in the sunny south but come spring we’ll be back to try some other Winnipeg coffee shops. Do you have suggestions?

Our other four visits…………

Candidate #1- Cafe Postal

Candidate #2- Thom Bargen

Candidate #3- Little Sister

Candidate #4- Parlour Coffee

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One thought on “Winnipeg Coffee Quest- Candidate #5

  1. Hey – I missed hearing about this place. Certainly looks the most inviting of the five.

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