Finding the Best Wonton Mein in Winnipeg

won ton mein winnipeg Dave and I spent a long time looking for a place in Winnipeg that would serve wonton mein as good as the soup we found in so many restaurants in Hong Kong.  Wonton mein was our favorite supper during our six years in Hong Kong.  We’d stop in at a little street side restaurant in our village on our way home from work and have a bowl of the dumpling and noodle soup. It filled you right up. A complete meal in a bowl.  After about a year of searching in Winnipeg we discovered an excellent wonton mien at a restaurant called Noodle Express at 107-180 King Street.noodle express king street winnipeg

On Monday we walked on over before the Winnipeg Jets game to have a hot bowl of soup. winnipeg china town in the snowThe restaurant is just behind the Winnipeg Chinese Cultural Centre and yes those are flakes of snow in the photo. It was snowing hard on our way over to the restaurant. 
choosing chinese foodYou choose what you like off the menu and write down your order.
noodle express winnipegThe staff at the restaurant is efficient and no-nonsense.noodle express winnipegThe decor is plain and utilitarian. eating won ton mienThe soup however is anything but ordinary.eating won ton mein A visit to Noodle Express always brings back wonderful memories of warm evenings in Hong Kong and is the perfect antidote to a wintry Winnipeg night. decor noodle expressWe’re glad we’ve discovered a place right here in Winnipeg with wonton mein almost as good as what we ate in Hong Kong.

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