First Friday Favorites

The First Friday of every month different art galleries and studios in the Exchange District where I live throw open their doors and invite people in to explore their spaces. There’s nibbles and drinks at many of them and often artists choose to have their openings on a first Friday. We went exploring yesterday and here are a few of my favorites. 

First Fridays Winnipeg by Miriam Rudolph

First Fridays Winnipeg by Miriam Rudolph

Miriam Rudolph chose a Friday night in Winnipeg as the theme for this print. She’s featured the Silpit Building at 54 Arthur Street and in all the little windows artists are working or showing their work. We get to peek in and see what everyone is doing. Miriam Rudolph was born in Paraguay and now lives in Minneapolis but studied and worked in Winnipeg from 2003-2012.

Compound Trail by Alerry Levitt

Compound Trail by Alerry Levitt

When I saw this painting by Alerry Lavitt I felt like I wanted to walk right into it. It reminded me of walking in the woods in winter at our family cottage at Moose Lake. The painting gave me such a sense of stillness and quiet. Alerry is a Winnipeg artist who works in many different kinds of mediums. One of the themes she likes to explore is humanity’s relationship to nature. 

Turtle by Candace Propp

Turtle by Candace Propp

Candace Propp was a childhood acquaintance of mine and was also my yoga instructor many years ago. She is a retired Winnipeg art teacher and has done such a variety of work. She just opened a show at the Cre8 Gallery. Her latest work has a fossils’ theme. She says, “living in Manitoba on a foundation of limestone has inspired my latest body of work based upon fossils.”

Nouvelle Neige by Yvette Cenerini

Nouvelle Neige by Yvette Cenerini

Yvette Cenerini’s work Nouvelle Neige or New Snow was included in a fascinating show at the MAWA(Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art) Gallery on Main Street. The exhibit called Winter Mothering explores both the joys and challenges of being  a mother in Winnipeg’s long cold winters. A group of women who “hold informal, monthly meetings to experiment with art materials, share and critique their art work, and discuss concerns, ideas, inspiration, and strategies for juggling artmaking and mothering” staged the show. I  found every piece intriguing but Yvette’s was a standout. She says Winnipeg winters are hard even for mothers who have lived in the city all their life, but what about mothers who are new to Winnipeg and have recently immigrated here from much warmer places. All the snow and cold must be such a new and challenging experience for them.

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2 thoughts on “First Friday Favorites

  1. Thanks for sharing your favourites. Each is wonderful. You may be interested to read of Miriam Rudolph’s Best in Show win here:

    • Thanks for the link Dora. I really like Miriam’s prints of the Exchange District. I just discovered them. I know one of her pieces is featured on the cover of your book of short stories.

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