Loving the New Bike Lane

bike lane on sherbrook in winnipegLast week I was biking down Sherbrook Street and discovered the brand new bike lane. It’s great! Cyclists are completely separated from traffic and don’t have to wend their away around parked cars. I read that cycling lobbyists have been pushing for construction of this bike lane since 2010.  My hat is off to them. I feel completely safe cycling down Sherbrook now. bike lane on sherbrook street in winnipeg I did read some negative comments from motorists who feel the bike lane is causing traffic to pile up on Sherbrook. Since apparently in summer up to 2,500 people a day bike down Sherbrook, perhaps some of the motorists want to leave their cars at home and join the bikers if they don’t like getting caught in traffic. I have empathy for those who may be scared to cycle in the city. That was me when we first moved to Winnipeg. But I’ve discovered there are safe routes to take, most drivers are courteous and kind to bikers, and biking has been such a great way to see the city and learn to navigate my way around it.  bike lane on sherbrook in winnipegApparently Sherbrook is the first parking protected bike lane in Winnipeg. Hopefully there are many more to come. 

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One thought on “Loving the New Bike Lane

  1. I so admire you and your biking! Stay safe out there.

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