About Destination Winnipeg

  I moved to Winnipeg after spending six years living and   teaching in Hong Kong. During our time in Asia my husband and I were real globe-trotters. We visited over fifty destinations–Rome, Beijing, Auckland, Ho Chi Minh City, Hiroshima, Sydney, Shanghai, Taipei, Barcelona, Jerusalem and dozens more.  

   In July of 2011 we retired from the teaching profession and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba because many of our family members lived here. Winnipeg was a new home for us. Prior to our move to Hong Kong we had lived in Steinbach, Manitoba for over thirty years. 

   Living on a pension and in a city that wasn’t a major international transportation hub like Hong Kong meant our traveling would need to be curtailed significantly. I wondered how we would cope. On our world travels I had faithfully kept journals and before each trip I had prepared for our journey by reading books and studying about the places we would visit. 

I decided to treat Winnipeg like one of our foreign destinations, reading and studying about my new home and keeping a journal about all the things I was experiencing here.  This blog is a way to share with others what I have learned, and what I am continuing to learn about my new home here in Winnipeg. I am discovering that Winnipeg is every bit as interesting and exciting as Fiji, Bali, Borneo or any of the other exotic locales we visited during our six years in Asia. 

I began cataloguing my Winnipeg adventures in a more general blog about retirement called What Next but decided Winnipeg was playing such a key role on that blog it deserved a blog all its own. 

If you are coming to Winnipeg on a visit I hope this blog will give you ideas for the many interesting things you might want to see and do here. If you are a Winnipeg resident perhaps this blog can foster a greater appreciation for the unique city we call home and inspire you to further explore all the intriguing things it has to offer. 

Winnipeg is truly a world class destination!


3 thoughts on “About Destination Winnipeg

  1. Pank

    I am planning to migrate to winnipeg next fall. How fruitful this place would be for my future life. I am currently from india.

  2. Fabulous blog…from a born-in-Winnipeger…

  3. Thank you for this wonderful Blog. I happened upon it as I was “Googling” images of the Winnipeg Cenotaph for Remembrance Day. As an”ex-pat” ‘Pegger I truly enjoyed the photos and the commentary. Well done.

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