Winnipeg and Mennonites in Gone Girl Movie

What Next?

Gone-Girl-2014-film-posterThere weren’t too many surprises for me in the movie Gone Girl which we saw on Friday night.   I had read the book so I knew what was coming plot wise.  There were however two surprising lines of dialogue that caught my attention.  

Rosamund Pike plays Amy Dunne in Gone GirlRosamund Pike plays Amy Dunne in Gone Girl

The first was the mention of Winnipeg.  The movie’s heroine Amy played by Rosamund Pike gets in trouble and calls a former boyfriend Desi played by Neil Patrick Harris to come and rescue her.  They rendezvous at a casino.  A man bumps into Desi and Amy at the casino bar and says he is sure he recognizes Amy.

Neal Patrick Harris plays Amy Dunne's old boyfriend Desi CollingsNeal Patrick Harris plays Amy Dunne’s old boyfriend Desi Collings

 It is important that Amy remain incognito so Desi tries to throw the man off by lying and assuring the fellow there is no way he can know Amy…

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Lights, Camera, Action

filming one christmas eve in winnipegWe have breakfast every Saturday morning at the Free Press Cafe. This Saturday morning we found ourselves in the middle of a movie set.  filming one christmas eve in winnipegCrews were out turning Arthur Street into a Christmas wonderland, with blow up Santas, lights and even a mailbox for sending letters to the North Pole. film crew blows snow on treesWe watched as workers used hoses to spray some kind of white stuff all over the trees. This turned out to be unnecessary since just a few minutes later it actually began to snow for real in Winnipeg. IMG_0195We found out from the waitress at the cafe that the film being shot was a Hallmark Hall of Fame special called One Christmas Eve and that it starred Anne Heche. Apparently Heche plays a newly divorced Mom having some unexpected adventures on Christmas Eve. IMG_0199Later our friend Les dropped by to join us for breakfast. He sometimes works as an extra on movies being shot in Winnipeg and he told us a film crew has been in Winnipeg for a number of weeks already filming this movie. Les had been hired to work on the set the following night.IMG_0193I don’t know what the story line is about but fire fighters and fire engines, police cars and ambulances and stretchers were being put in place for filming so I’m thinking there must be some sort of accident scene. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when the movie is aired on television.  filming jack layton story in ashdown warehouseSeeing film crews in our neighborhood isn’t at all unusual since Winnipeg is a popular site for making movies. Our historic Exchange district can easily be turned into downtown Chicago, New York or San Francisco at the turn of the century or in the present. Having movies shot in our neighborhood is just one more thing that makes living in Winnipeg’s Exchange district interesting. 

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I’ve Put Winnipeg On the Map

OM-mag.aiOrion Magazine has a feature where people can submit photos and a story about what is special about the place where they live. I submitted a story to them about Winnipeg and they’ve published it online now. You can read it on the Orion Magazine website. 

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Interviewed by the CBC

Today I did an interview with CBC radio personality Margaux Watt. She is working on a series for the fall months for the morning show about life in the Exchange District of Winnipeg and some of the myths or false perceptions people may have about living there. She arrived around noon and I met her outside my Exchange District condo. She and I went for a walk down our street and through Steve Juba Park and she asked me lots of question about why we chose to buy a home in the Exchange District and what are some of the things we like about our location. She was particularly interested in knowing whether or not I felt safe living where we do.

Margaux Watt

Margaux Watt-Facebook Photo

It was great to meet Margaux in person after hearing her on the radio so often. I found out  her husband is a university professor who is also the author of horror and science fiction novels and that she is a mom of two young adults.  She was friendly and down to earth and very easy to talk to. I guess that’s what makes her a good radio journalist. 

She said she would let me know when our interview will be on the radio and I’ll be sure to do another post about it then. 

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