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Picking A Winnipeg Church From A Cereal Bowl

We had to do something! When we moved back to Canada two years ago from Hong Kong I was eager to get involved with a church congregation in Winnipeg. 

My husband Dave thought we should shop around for a church. “Give it a year,” he said “and then we will decide.” There are more than a dozen churches that belong to our particular Mennonite church conference in Winnipeg and I think we went to them all, some several times. But we also attended Lutheran churches, United churches, Anglican churches and non-denominational congregations. And soon……. two years, not one had passed. 

When our two year anniversary of being back in Canada was reached I put my foot down.  ”We have to decide,” I said. 

cereal bowl“OK,” said my  husband. “Let’s each write the names of three churches on slips of paper, put them in a cereal bowl and then you start drawing. The last slip of paper that’s left is the church we’ll attend.”

It ended up that last slip contained the name of a church we’d both written down. Neither of us got our top pick, but we were both content with the choice.

I’m not saying the best way to choose a church is from a cereal bowl, but since our merry-go-round of visits and endless discussions about the matter had produced no results, for us at least it was a practical solution. 

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