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The Winnipeg Coffee Quest- Candidate #3

little sister coffee shop winnipegI tried not to be influenced by the fact that the third coffee shop we visited on our quest for great coffee in Winnipeg had won the CBC contest for the best cup of coffee in the city.We went to Little Sister Coffee Makers located in the Osborne Village yesterday morning.

little sister coffee shopThe design of the place reminded me of a hospital. insitutional tileEverything from the green and white paint to the tile floor and the green dishes said institution to me. art in little sister coffee shopThere is only one piece of art on the wall, hidden near the entrance. One wall is natural stone. There is a wooden bench along the wall and seats for about ten people. Unlike Thom Bargen and Cafe Postal which both have long tables to sit at looking out the front window, Little Sister has no seating street side.

little sister coffee shop winnipegLike Cafe Postal there were no racks provided for our bikes and like Thom Bargen, there were no newspapers.  Unlike the other two shops that provided wi-fi service Little Sister did not.  A sign on the wall said “No Wi-fi Here- Let’s Talk.”  Kind of a good idea.

women having coffee at coffee shop in winnipegThey serve a coffee called Bows and Arrows. It was piping hot, in a cup that was a little more generous than Thom Bargen offered but not as flavorful as the coffee at Cafe Postal. A nice touch at Little Sister is the unique spoons. spoons little sister coffee shop winnipegThey are all collectors’ teaspoons like you see on racks in little old ladies’ houses. 

little sister coffee shop signThe name comes from the proprietor.  She is the younger sister-in-law of the owner of the Parlour Coffee Shop on Main Street. 

little sister coffee shop winnipegWe were the only people who sat down to drink our coffee but there was a fairly steady stream of customers going in and out and the barista working seemed to know many of  them chatting about Halloween parties attended and research papers needing to be done. Obviously they have a solid group of regular patrons. 

little sister coffee shopLike the Cafe Postal, Little Sister is subterranean and also like Cafe Postal the pastries come from Tall Grass Prairie.  chocolate crouissantWe shared a chocolate croissant which was flaky and moist but couldn’t quite compete with the wild blueberry cinnamon bun we’d had at Thom Bargen.

The interior design of Little Sister was a little too stark and bare for my liking but I’d go back there for a good cup of coffee any day just because I like their bravado for locating right across the street from Starbucks. 

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