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Winnipeg Coffee Quest- Candidate #4

front window parlour coffeeWe have been trying to visit  Parlour Coffee at 468 Main Street for a couple weeks. It is only a block from the front door of our condo so you’d think a visit would be easy. parlour coffeeBut the last five or six times we decided to have our morning coffee there the place was packed and there were no seats available for us. Yesterday we got lucky. front window parlour coffeeWhen we walked up to the large sunny front window only one lone woman was sitting there writing in her journal. We’d obviously picked just the right time because it wasn’t long before the place filled up again.  obby khan visits parlour coffeeOne visitor was Obby Khan, a former professional football player and the owner of Shawarma Khan, a restaurant located just one street over. Khan chatted amiably with the barista. Clearly he had been there before. Many of the customers appeared to be regulars. 

americano coffee at parlour coffeeOur Americano coffees came in creamy white cups and were reasonably hot and flavourful. cheese croissant tall grass prairieWe shared a cheese croissant from the Tall Grass Prairie bakery, filled with gouda and dusted with Parmesan.  I thought it was great but my husband said it wasn’t his favorite and wished we’d opted for the chocolate croissant instead. bikes outside parlour coffee

There were bike racks outside and even on a cold snowy day a couple hardy Winnipeg bikers had pedaled over. 

interior parlour coffeeThe decor was pretty stark although the wood floors make the place feel warmer than its daughter establishment- Little Sister. chandelier parlour coffeeThe ornate chandelier added some character to the bare interior. The walls were decorated with only three unique art pieces by Kirsten Nelson. kristin nelson art parlour coffeeThey looked like pieces of notebook paper in frames but the papers were  actually made out of cloth material. 

reading the paper at parlour coffeeMy husband Dave found a newspaper, but it had been left there by a previous customer not provided by the coffee shop. A sign on the wall said there was no Wi-Fi and encouraged us to talk with our neighbor instead. lots of supplies

They sell more coffee supplies at Parlour Coffee than any of the other coffee shops we’ve visited. Our kids bought my husband a coffee press at Parlour for his birthday last year and Dave stops at Parlour regularly for coffee filters. woman at the parlour coffeeWe’ve actually been to The Parlour several times before but this was our official Coffee Quest visit.  The Parlour has the advantage of being the closest to our home of all the shops but the disadvantage of being such a busy place it is hard to get in. I still like the coffee at Cafe Postal the best and the baking at Thom Bargen’s is still number one with me.  parlour coffeeI enjoyed sitting at the Parlour’s huge front window watching all of the interesting people passing by on Main Street. A unique feature of The Parlour’s popularity is that on all of our past visits we’ve always met someone we know inside. 

Only one more coffee shop to go and then we will have visited all of the top five in Winnipeg. 

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