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Antony and Cleopatra and the Mosquitoes

What Next?

antony and cleopatra shakespeare in the ruinsI’m a huge Shakespeare in the Ruins fans and can still remember almost every play I’ve seen by the talented company.  I’ve been going to their performances for years. I loved their presentation of The Tempest, their Romeo and Juliet in a parking garage and their production of Amid Summer Night’s Dream in a downtown park. Last year’s Comedy of Errors was a complete delight.  We took visitors from Hong Kong and they were so impressed. 

shakespeare in the ruinsI have to say that this year’s Antony and Cleopatra might be my least favorite of all their productions. For me having the characters wear First Nations costumes and setting the play in pre-confederation Canada just didn’t work. The story of how the indigenous people of Canada were robbed of sovereignty of their own land is of vital importance and needs to be told; but aligning that story with the story of Antony and…

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Food From the Land and Shakespeare in the Ruins

marylou and meenaOur friends Meena and Anil are visiting us from Hong Kong and we took them out to the Peasant Cookery, a favorite Exchange District restaurant of ours.window ledge peasant cookery The window ledges are decorated with artistic fowl sculptures in wood or ceramics and jars of canned fruits and vegetables.interior peasant cookery winnipegThe Peasant Cookery boasts that it offers ‘real food from the land’ and we knew from our past visits that the food would be excellent and the service friendly. 

dave and anilWe decided to order five different dishes from the eclectic menu and share them all.  meal at peasant cookeryOur meal was first rate. beet salad peasant cookery

A beet salad with toasted seeds, goat cheese, arugula and a  caramelized honey vinaigrette dressing

tourtierre at peasant cookery winnipeg Tourtiere- a French meat pie with thick cut  fries

gnocchi at peasant cookery winnipeg

aged cheddar gnocchi  with sun dried tomato, spinach, red onion, piquillo peppers and basil oilmahi mahi at peasant cookeryLightly breaded mahi, mahi with fresh vegetablesbread pudding at peasant cookery

and bread pudding with Guinness ice-cream and a caramel sauce for dessert.waiter peasant cookeryDespite his look of concern in this photo our waiter was attentive and very pleasant and earned extra bonus marks from us when my husband asked him who his favorite Winnipeg band was and he replied, “Royal Canoe,” the band our son plays in. trappist monastery shakespeare in the ruinsAfter dinner we were off to the Trappist Monastery in St. Norbert to see this years’ Shakespeare in the Ruins production of The Comedy of Errors. anil and daveIt was a near perfect night. The rain held off and it was just cool and windy enough to keep the mosquitoes at bay. We had warm blankets provided by the theatre troupe. audience shakespeare in the ruinsWe moved around the monastery grounds to see the different scenes from the play. It was done in such an entertaining fashion, the humor bawdy and the acting a bit ‘over the top’ in a good way.  comedy of errors shakespeare in the ruinsThe actors made it so easy to follow the rather complicated plot of mistaken identity that near the end of the play when it was revealed that identical twins had been mixed up throughout the drama, a little boy about three or four years old in the audience blurted out, “Why there’s two of them.”  Even he understood the plot resolution. marylou and meenaThe Peasant Cookery staff and Shakespeare in the Ruins company helped us show off our city to our Hong Kong friends in first class style. 

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream on a Midsummer Afternoon

helena, lysander and demetriusLast Friday afternoon we biked to Central Park to see the Shakespeare in the Ruins production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.IMG_2033 It was a beautiful day  just perfect for an outdoor performance.waddell fountain central park winnipeg

The actors used the Waddell Fountain as their stage. It was built in 1914 in memory of Emily Margaret Waddell by her husband Thomas. She had a stipulation in her will that if her husband wanted to keep her estate worth $56,000 than if he decided to marry again he would have to build a public fountain in Central Park in her memory using $10,000 of her estate.  At the time that kind of money could have built you a beautiful home in Winnipeg.   waddell fountain central park winnipeg

The Waddell Fountain was patterned after one built in memory of Sir Walter Scott in Edinburgh.

refugee family in central park winnipegCentral Park was a good location to choose to stage the play since the area around the park is Winnipeg’s most densely populated neighborhood and is home to 70% of the refugees who move to the city. 

bottom as an ass in a mid summer night's dreamThe actors had their work cut out for them trying to project their voices above fire trucks, police sirens and a soccer game in full swing just beside them. IMG_2046

Then this little girl in pink strolled up on the stage and placing her hands on her hips made it clear she wasn’t going anywhere. The talented actors had to incorporate her into the script and work around her, which they did with gracious humour. 

children watching amid summer night's dream

These kids were playing soccer but became so intrigued by what was happening onstage they left their game to take a look. the wall a mid summer night's dreamSeveral kids were called up from the audience to take on certain roles. This young man played The Wall and did a great job. 

Lysander and Hermia

Although they presented a shortened version of the play it still took about 85 minutes or so to sort out the mixed up lovers and get everything in place for the happy ending. a mid summer night's dream

I’ve seen A Midsummer Night’s Dream many times but never on a midsummer afternoon in the middle of Winnipeg. It was a unique and enjoyable experience. 

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